Applying Luxury

The Grand Tech program enables you to stay connected
to your family, friends and the world at large.

Uniting Family

Thanks to video calling and multiplayer games, guests remain part of their family’s daily life

Opening the World

Access to international news, TV programs and communication puts the world at your

Enabling Recovery

Continued iPad use supports motor skills, hand-eye coordination and other wellness

Now every guest feels the
world is their oyster

So many fear that entering a healthcare facility would isolate them from their family and the great big world. At The Grand we understand that feeling good and living well go hand in hand, which is why we integrate technology programs for all guests.

With an iPad in hand, there is never a dull moment. Guests communicate with family through chat, video calls, live games and more; enjoy complementary Netflix subscriptions for endless entertainment; and keep in touch with everything the world has to offer. Strict security measures keeps communications, photos, and other data private to each guest.