The staff are very nice girls. I'm very comfortable here.

Kate F.

Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’m happy.

Marielle R.

I’ve had very good results with the staff, they’re all nice. They are doing a good job keeping my room clean.

Dixie H.

The facility is nice. I thoroughly enjoy the staff. All the staff in rehab are great: Liz, Claudia, Leslie, Jenn. I enjoy all the staff, we have fun!

Linda I.

I like the facility, the staff is nice, food is good. Therapy is going good, Liz is a hard worker, enjoys her job, and is instrumental in helping me get stronger. She has an excellent staff.

Caroline F.

The facility was clean, and all the nurses and aides were good. I had no complaints. Rehab was tiring, but I knew I had to work hard so I could go home!

Janet A.

I enjoy the facility, got to see turkeys out my window. I enjoy my therapy, and Liz and the girls, they’re very thorough, patient, and professional. The food is good.

Deborah B.

I’m Very happy to be here. I love to watch the deer and animals out the window. I’m working hard at rehab; I want to get home. The facility is nice, staff is great. No complaints at all.

Bernard S.

I’m doing great. I like the facility, everyone is treating me nicely. Therapy is going good. The facility reminds me of a motel, clean and nice. I’m glad I came.

Suzanne C.

Things are going well. Feels like he’s getting stronger, like the rehab staff. Liz is pretty nice, and hard working. They’re all hard working. If I have a problem the nurses are quick to respond and resolve it. I enjoy the activities, bingo, coffee and donuts.

Ronald W.

I love the facility. They make me feel safe. I’m enjoying the staff. The nurses and aides are wonderful. I’m very happy I moved to The Grand at Batavia.

Alice R.

Facility is nice. Therapy is progressing, doing more than when I arrived. Slowly, but surely working to my goals.

Linda E.

The staff is very nice, everyone has been great. I’m hoping to see the deer when they come out to play... I’m also happy to be out in the country. It’s very peaceful.

Titus D.

I really enjoy living here. The nurses are nice, food is good, and I get to do a lot of activities. My brother comes and takes me out, to go do things and I always can’t wait to come back.


I love the nurses, food is good. I’m enjoying everyone.

Helen B.

I like it here love the staff, and the nurses are so nice.

Dixie S.

No complaints. Facility is clean and I Enjoy the staff.

Roman K.

I’m feeling stronger already. I like this facility, and i Enjoy the nurses.

Ann M.

I loved everyone. Everybody took such great care of me. Thank you!

Sarah F.

The nurses are all great, very helpful.The facility is clean and I’m pleased with everyone. I have no complaints.

Susan P.

Very pleased with the facility cleanliness, care and all staff.

Laura I.

I can not thank the staff enough. I have had so many special moments with my Grandma that I wouldn't have had if it wasn't for you offering this virtual visits. Thank you for all you do!

Kelly R.

I want to thanks all the staff who cared for me. I'm very pleased with the stay.

Julianne K.