We are innovative in our approach to service, hospitality, and clinical care, and remain open to new ideas that could serve our guests.


We have compassion for our guests and their loved ones;the emotion that one feels, inspires and motivates a desire to help those in our care.


We show genuine respect for our guests, their loved ones, and our team members by treating others the way we want to be treated.


Our ears are open as our hearts. We listen intuitively and accurately to our guests with the intent to understand, not just respond.


We are loyal and have a strong feeling of support, commitment and allegiance to The Grand Healthcare System, our guests, and our team.


We work with our team members towards the common goal of providing exceptional clinical care coupled with a luxury guest experience.

Going for Gold

From greeting everyone by their name to maintaining The Grand Appearance, every team member is invested in engaging our guests, stepping up to the situation, displaying energetic leadership, and treating everyone in our facilities like royalty.