My sister recently came to this facility for short term rehab, and we were thrilled with how well she progressed here. We are extremely thankful to the entire team. A special thank you to Administration, Val the Rehab Director and Victoria from Social Work, as well to all the hard working nurses.

Jonathan K.

I love the spring menu they just started! Thank you Erin from Rehab, Cassie the Nurse Manger and Victoria from Social Work. They have a great Medial team here that is always available and visit regularly.

Harriot S.

I am happy that I followed my friends advice and tried this place, Administration was extremely helpful throughout my journey here, the staff are smiley, friendly and caring. Social Work always answered my calls and put me in touch with the right person. The gym is beautiful and the rooms are very spacious and renovated. The food was good and loved the “Grand” sandwiches they would make upon request. I hope I never need subacute rehab again but I’m glad I found a place that I feel comfortable and at home with.

Violet B.

I really like it here. Therapy is fun and I’m crazy about my nurse Justine. She is always pleasant and helpful when I need something. I enjoy the activities as well. Thank you all for being so kind to me.

Gloria B.

I loved my experience here in the Therapy Department. Boomer and the staff in the Recreation Department really made this a pleasant stay. I enjoyed spending everyday with them.

Lorraine C.

They fixed me! Can’t you tell! My experience here was WONDERFUL! Everyone was so pleasant and great to me. Ashley in therapy was amazing! I enjoyed going to therapy everyday. My Nurses and Nurses Aides are hard workers and I appreciate them. Great place with great people!

Arthur J.

Everyone is wonderful to me. I didn’t want to be in a facility; yet I’m glad I came because they are helping me strong. My nurse and CNA are amazing. I’m having a good experience here.

Mr. Mayfield

This is a very nice place. Everyone was so friendly.

D. Mercado

Everyone here is sweet and good to me.

Margarita C.

Justine, Essence, Shanice and Sharon on the 3-11 shift are phenomenal. The food has improved since I got here. The Rehab Department was great. Everyone down there is nice and has patience. I like the activities staff and the Concierge always listened to me and made me feel important.

B. Kapowicz

The Therapy Department and Recreation Department is amazing!

Lauren C.

Everyone here is amazing. Polite, caring and go the extra mile. That’s the type of people I came across while here. My nursing staff was great. The Rehab staff was amazing. The Concierge is always smiling.

Stanislau D.

I am happy that everyone here is so nice and happy. I feel accepted here.

Syed S.

Justine and Beth go the extra mile for me.

Nigel N.