Roberto from physical therapy really helped me come a long way.

Kenneth W.

My room is very bright and warm. I feel so comfortable. Everyone has been very caring to me. It's also very clean.

Lina D.

The Maintenance Team is so caring and quick to get things done A+

Jean W.

South Point has the best social workers, their guidance is extremely helpful.

Mary M.

Staff is wonderful and they truly motivate me to do the best I can.

Udith H.

This is my third time staying at the Grand at South Point. The team is so supportive and get me back on my feet each time. Highly recommend.

Thomas B.

I arrived to The Grand at South Point, on November 18th. I could hardly stand and now its nearly two weeks later and I’m walking. It may be baby steps but it’s a big improvement to me. The rehab team is excellent!

Elle D.

The Grand at South Point has excellent workers in every department. I came here to continue to treat my heart infection and that’s exactly what The Grand did for me. I’m proud to say I’m back on my feet and will be leaving this Wednesday to go home. All thanks to The Grand at South Point.

Tierney O.

I’m here recovering or should, I say getting used to living with my MS. The Grand South Point has given me all different kind of distractions (especially the recreation department) to keep my mind strong. The staff is great and really supportive, providing various activities is key to being less apprehensive about saying in a nursing home/rehabilitation facility. I would highly recommend The Grand South Point.

Charles P.

The Grand is awesome and Theresa and Minnie are always helping me a lot with my prosthesis. The recreation program keeps me occupied with activities such as playing bingo, domino and bowling. The staff works hard here and are very friendly. Hopefully my prosthesis will allow me to take the next step towards my independence.

Laurie G.