Thank you so much for the help to get back home.

Charlene C.

This is very hard for me. Allot of staff has become more like family.

Catrina C.

I really enjoyed my stay. Everyone works so hard!

Antonio F.

This place is absolutely wonderful. Everyone has been so kind to our family since Danny arrived. We made the best decision to send Danny to you!

Daniel O.

This is going to be my "forever" home.

Beatrice R.

I enjoyed my stay, thank you to the staff who took care of me.

Rosanna D.

Thank you for helping me to get back home.

Enrico L.

I like it here. It is better than my last place.

Donald C.

I had a pleasant stay.

John H.

I feel like I made a good choice to come here.

Toni G.

This place is beautiful. I'm already loving it here. My ride in was amazing and smooth.

Juliana G.

It is a very nice place with very nice people. I feel that I am okay to go home before my discharge date.

Anne K.

I had a very nice stay at The Grand at Rome.

Patsy F.

The Grand at Rome is wonderful. Everyone is helpful and friendly. I have made many new friends during my stay here.

May B.

There is a lot of great people. They have helped me come a long way. I am enjoying my stay.

Tom P.

I really like it here. There are a ton of things to do. There are alot of people here with great vibes who keep you going. I am doing much better and am glad I came to stay at The Grand.

Brian H.

I am enjoying staying at The Grand at Rome. My therapy is going wonderful. There is always something going on to keep me busy.

Van K.

I am enjoying my stay with The Grand. The physical therapy team is terrific. I enjoy the many activities offered here as well.

Maryann A.

I really enjoy my stay at The Grand. I love to scare people, and make them laugh. Everyone has been very nice to me. I would definitely return her again if need be.

Eleisha V.

I am enjoying my stay. Everyone is very nice and takes good care of me. I like my roommate too. I also enjoy the food.

Jovan M.

I have to give physical therapy a big plus. The people down there are excellent. They keep the spirits up as much as is even possible. They get a big A+ from me. The food was good. They make sure you have a lot of food on your plate. The nursing care was also good and I was very happy with my experience here.

Newell S.

I think the grand has been great! I’ve gotten more from the rehab here than I have at any of the other places. I definitely rate it at the top. The staff has gone, not just for me but for everyone, over backwards to take care of the clients. If people have the choice to come here I would recommend it.

David C.

The grand has been very comforting. I was so glad to be back here after my hospital stay. They’ve been so helpful in therapy. You can really feel the progress.You really never feel alone. Quite the opposite. They’ve picked me up and allowed me to grow and improve on my own time.

Anthony A.

Some of the staff are just a joy! The second night I was here I had the best nurse. She was a sweetheart and so helpful. Some of the food is very good. Therapy is excellent too. I’ve already come a long way since I started here.

Betty M.

I’m glad I came to the grand here. Because they help you, they are there for you, and they get you up and back on your feet and where you need to be. And if you’re having a bad day they’ll help with that too and encourage you to do better.

Brenda F.

Far better than when I walked in the door - my spirits better. I’ve worked as a nurse in institutions for over 40 years and this is the best food I’ve ever had.

Donald P.

The staff is friendly and everyone has done their best to help me during this difficult time. While I am here I am able to work on my online clothing line.

Zeffiere H.

I couldn’t have picked a better place to stay. Everyone has been so helpful!

Mildred T.

Bravo to all of you! You are the Angels for all who need you. Thank You!

Nick S.

HUGE thank you to the staff at The Grand.

Richard S.

This was a wonderful place to stay. I did not leave AMA for anything to do with this building. I feel I'm ready to go home.

Richie S.

I am comfortable right now. This is a very nice facility.

M. Hudson

I’ve stayed here before for rehab and enjoyed it.

Allie N.

Thank you so much to all the staff for helping me get better.

Dara W.