The staff is great that’s really what makes it Grand.

Virginia W.

Therapy was great.

Loren F.

I like everything about this place, all of the people are good to me.

Arlene M.

Therapy is really good! I like the whole staff here!

Albert R.

The therapy has been very therapeutic and helped me get my strength back. The RN’s are very understanding and I don’t have to wait for anything.

Patricia S.

They take good care of everyone and they are good people. My doctor was shocked at how well my knee had improved thanks to the therapy here.

Sandra S.

The staff is Johnny on the spot, they take great care of the people. They always listen, Physical Therapy is great. Everyone is really nice.

Christine H.

All staff has been great, therapy is perfect! When I came I couldn’t Speak and they got my voice back for me! Everyone is very attentive housekeeping all the way up to upper management.

Samuel M.

The food is so good. everyone is right there at your fingertips ready to help you and so nice.

Rita M.

I Always ask to come here. Everyone is compassionate and help each other out. Rehab is beyond anything else in the valley/area. You receive impeccable care.

Kenneth R.

I was very happy with everything. The staff were excellent, Therapy was wonderful. I would definitely return.

Marilyn S.

I can not say enough about this place. Every person and I mean every Maintenance, Housekeeping, nursing. Just everyone is so wonderful. I’ve never seen anything like it. Everyone is so courteous, warm, caring, respectful, and friendly. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for you and they smile while they do it.

Victoria T.

I love the staff. I love seeing my family through the window and on video.

Mrs. Macdonald

Everything here is good, the people are good, even the other residents are nice. PJ the CNA is my favorite.

John B.

I miss The Grand’s staff and the people I met while Ed was there. Rock on Deb! Praying you all stay healthy and safe.

Karen F.