Things are overall going great once arriving here at our facility.

Milton H.

Everything is going well. Love the atmosphere of The Grand.

Joanne F.

I was a previous resident and had a positive experience in the past.

Josie G.

Your LPNs and CNAs rock! Hands down they are amazing!

Melissa T.

TEAM WORK! We do have amazing nurses, CNA’s, therapists, housekeepers, kitchen staff, receptionist and activities staff, and everyone else. We are all awesome!

Ramona T.

The staff treated me good I made some friends here and the pt and OT staff was great I was glad to come back to The Grand at Guilderland

Tom C.

My attitude was bad didn’t want to be here the staff was good they did what they had to do and I love the therapy department( the nurses have been very good with answering my questions and I’m an CNA at another facility and I was very pleased the new position of concierge is amazing)

Luciano R.

My stay was very good. Everyone was very polite everyone was kind and outside of this weekend my stay was wonderful.L. Kilroy

L. Kilroy

The girls here work hard Prea from PT gets a ten OT gets a ten a guy named Dan was just great and John he couldn’t help me enough in dietary Joann the house keeper was great and Erica Rogan I meet her at the hospital she was so kind and she promised me when I got here that someone named Vickie would take care of me and you did you are just everywhere but you always somehow found time to reassure me and correct whatever was wrong so it was a Great Stay.

Juliane B.

My stay was good and I was referred by St. Peter’s my husband was here and Erica promised to keep us together. I thank you all for all you did for me and my husband a lot of the girls here have become like family.

Mary M.

I had a good stay. They did a lot of extra stuff that most places wouldn’t do. Vickie, I can’t thank you enough! Hope, Megan, and all the girls on C Wing and PT, thank you!

Scott I.

My stay was lovely. The staff was great I must say I had a WONDERFUL STAY thank you and I will be back to visit. If I ever need rehab again I’ll only come to The Grand

Joanie M.

My stay was great, everyone was nice and very accommodating. I thank everyone that took care of me, they were amazing. Thank you!

R. Harris

Oh Vickie thank you for all you’ve done and always being there for me it’s been such a long road to getting to this point when I got nervous and almost changed my mind Vickie you kept telling me how great it was gonna be thanks for not letting me give up I'm gonna miss everyone here but when the weather breaks I’m coming back too visit I want to thank all the staff here you all have been so good to me.

Chuck W.