The staff is doing everything they can. I'm doing good so far.

Delores G.

I love this facility. Everyone here loves to help.

Jarred Z.

Everything has been very good so far.

Latie A.

I am doing very well, I can feel myself getting stronger already. I was able to take myself to the restroom and shower myself. I feel the physical therapy working for me already in this short amount of time.

Omid Z.

When I arrived at The Grand at Great Neck the immediate feeling from the first moment was very soft and pleasant. I loved my room, and I was initially assigned to a room with a resident who’s family I have come to love. The facility staff is very courteous and professional. Anyone coming into the facility, male or female can be sure he or she will be taken care of.

Amiram G.

Staff was amazing and everyone was so nice. The facility is beautiful and clean. My mother loves the food as well.

Daughter of Resident P.D.

The facility staff is amazing. Everyone has been so kind.

B. Ellenberg

Stay was good.


My stay was very good. I loved everyone.


The nursing staff has been excellent.

D. Grotter

PT is excellent, their staff is amazing.

Rita Straussberg

We thank the Grand at Pawling for all of their efforts to make our Mom's 100th birthday celebration


The food at the grand at pawling is good, better than other rehab ...

Stella W.

first two weeks were good and last two weeks were good. The middle of my stay wasn't great. I had ...

Maureen H.

The Grand at Pawling was the right place for my Dad at the right time. Therapy was what he needed ...


I am very pleased with the Grand at Pawling. Physical therapy is going good. Sometimes I feel I cant ...

Frank S.

I really enjoy the activities. The music is great and I like watching some of the residents sing and ...

Louis C.

I was treated great at The Grand at Pawling and felt very welcomed.

Jenora C.

The Grand at Pawling has helped me learn a lot about myself and I have met wonderful people here. At ...

Jenora C.

Some things at the Grand at Pawling can be improved upon, but all of the staff, Doctors and such, were ...

Samuel T.

Excellent PT and OT staff at The Grand at Pawling. They are caring, helpful, efficient and know their ...

Prudence W.

Therapy at the Grand at Pawling really helped me. Nurses and staff took good care of me. The meals needed ...

Anthony S.

I would recommend the Grand Rehab at Pawling to others. It just seemed that when (one) person absorbed ...

Clyda W.

The Grand at Pawling has a good facility. They have some great people working there and some that need ...

L. R.

Great facility. Superb Staff and a very talented ...

Judah G.

The Grand at Pawling has an excellent and well trained staff ...

Nick P.

Well trained staff and nurses.very caring people that help people ...

Bob G.

This is a small facility and they do not have beautiful grounds. However, my mother stayed here for about ...

Thei J.

The nurses and aides were great. If you need rehab, The Grand ...

Jose A.

I've been to the Grand at Pawling twice for therapy. The therapy, which is fantastic and the caring ...

Sherry C.

This was my second time at the Grand Healthcare facility in Pawling. I looked forward to it. I was glad ...

Laura O.

I was very satisfied with the care and compassion of the folks at The Grand at Pawling, during my recent ...


My father says everything was fine. I would ...


I like the fact that they provide transportation from my own home to where she is at. The rehab therapy ...


My mom spent about 9 months here. In and out of hospitals into rehab facilities. My mom loved this rehabilitation ...

Diana L.

I would recommend the Grand at Pawling. They need more staff help though. In most of these places, the ...