Emerald facilities being run with new oversight

Emerald nursing home facilities are being run under new oversight.


A week ago, the state health department took control of the Emerald South Rehabilitation Center and Emerald North Nursing Home.


The state found the two facilities were not able to properly care for residents.


State officials appointed a New York City-based receiver to take over the operations. They’ve already made an impact.


An executive team is now in place to assess the nursing homes. They’re also there to assure the staff they’re trying to improve conditions for the residents and for the employees.


Jay Lawrence, with The Grand Healthcare System, said “There were policies and procedures that were not in place. There were materials that needed to be gotten that they did not have access to before, that are pivotal to providing appropriate care.”


The executive team has been meeting with local officials who made the call to the state health department to take over the facilities.


The team predicts more visible changes should be coming in the next couple weeks.