Sneezing Is The Best Thing That Ever Happens To You

Sneezing is great for you! Contrary to the myths and misinformation you may have heard or read about, sneezing is actually a rather great thing. Furthermore, I’m sure that if we weren’t born with the sneezing reflex, we would have had to invent it. So sneeze and be happy. Your eyeballs won’t pop out, your heart won’t stop, unwelcome company is not on the way to you, and it is not going to rain.



Sneezing: It Keeps Your Body Safe


Sneezes protect your body by clearing the nose of bacteria and viruses. When something enters your nose or you encounter a trigger that sets off your “sneeze center” in your brain, signals are rapidly sent to tightly close your throat, eyes, and mouth. Next, your chest muscles vigorously contract your throat muscles. As a result, air together with saliva and mucus is pushed out of your mouth and nose.  You have sneezed.


Sneezing Triggers


Plucking your eyebrows can trigger and make you sneeze. Plucking may set off a nerve in your face that connects to your nasal passages. As a result, you sneeze.

Exercise can make you sneeze. Overexertion causes you to hyperventilate which drys up your nose and mouth. Your nose then reacts with dripping, which makes you sneeze.

Sunshine may make you sneeze. Sunshine and bright light can trigger a sneeze. One out of every three people sneeze in reaction to sunshine and bright light.

You don’t sneeze when you’re asleep as your sneezing nerves are also sleeping.




Sneezing is great for you. Your body is protecting you and keeping you healthy by expelling bacteria and viruses.

Especially relevant, sneezes travel at over 100 miles per hour and can send over 100,000 germs into the air.  While you are ridding yourself of germs, not correctly covering your sneeze spreads germs as far as 11.5 feet away. Watch this demo and learn how to correctly cover your sneeze and thereby protect people around you.


Be kind, be considerate.