• "My stay was enjoyable with a lot of professional people."J. Zeitman
    "As a guest here, I could not have asked for anything better! Everyone working there was very friendly and cared about my rehab journey. I got to pick my own meals off a menu, and everything was delicious! Staying here helped me not only get back on my feet, but helped me become a better person! I recommend this healthcare facility for everyone!"Alice Y.
    "The therapy department was great. Victoria in Activities was wonderful. "D.L.
    "The staff in the kitchen are nice. "Josephine V.
    "The young women in therapy did an outstanding job! "J.K.
    "Very pleased with my stay. Everyone was very good and kind."Lila T.
    "Stanley in therapy was excellent. "Jeff K.
    "The staff was extremely helpful. "Hilda S.
    "The staff was excellent. Very friendly and very thoughtful. "John Williams
    "Valerie and Stan in PT went above and beyond with their therapy. Without them I wouldn't have improved to where I am now. The nurses controlled my pain as much as possible and I really appreciate it. "A.M.
    "I've already recommended this facility to another person."Daniel Friedman
    "Therapy staff was great. Nurses and aides were very caring and dedicated."John Z.
    "The staff were excellent to me. The entire staff were more like family."Rosie Germaine
    "The therapy program was wonderful. All the staff were very nice to me."S. Manner
    "I just want to say thank you all very much."Sandy McGrimes
    "Best staff ever!"C.G.
    "Staff was very friendly and helpful."Patricia Connolly
    "Everyone was wonderful!"K.R.
    "Therapy was good. They helped me walk again."B.G.
    "My nurses were great. "J.F.
    "I was completely satisfied. My congratulations to the staff for such an accomplishment. Everyone should get a shining star. "Zef Gjonag
    "I was completely satisfied. My congratulations to the staff for such an accomplishment. Everyone should get a shining star. "Z.G.
    "He also told us that we helped him to walk again."Wendy Decker (Director of Admissions) relays what Danny F. told her upon leaving The Grand
    "Very satisfied with medical care. "Anastasia Kline
    "Physical therapy was great!"Dana F.
    "I was very happy with Dave from dietary, he called all the time to ask what he liked to eat. Thank you all for everything!"I.E.'s Daughter
    "Everything was good. I got bored and someone was nice enough to bring me in books. I like the fact that you checked on me everyday."Chuck F.
    "Superior place to rehab my husband!"Wife of G.M.
    "You are all doing more than enough. "M.W.
    "Everyone was nice. Good food. "Sam K.
    "All the nurses and CNAs are great. "Stephanie Dannon
    "He loves the fact that the CNAs come and check on him what seems to be every 15 mins."Son of Resident Tim Jackson
    "Mr. M. stated he is very happy with the care and patience the staff has shown his wife. He is happy with the quick response time. The Grand has addressed any issues he has had. He came to me with an issue on Monday and it was brought to Paul's attention and Paul had it resolved the very next day. He just wants to say thank you. This wasn't an easy thing for his family. Placing his wife in a facility. He's glad he chose The Grand. They have done everything they've promised for her and they treat him and the family like family. He just wants to say thank you."Spouse of Resident M.M. as relayed to Concierge
    "He likes all the girls who come get him and take him out every day."Concierge relays comments by Resident C. Tommer
    "Two CNAs really stand out - Debra and Kay. They both have been very attentive and I just love them both. "T.M.
    "The Nurses and the CNAs were top notch. "S.D.
    "I would like to give PT and OT Department a 10+. They are truly everything that Victoria (concierge) said they were. They allowed me to get in and work at a fast but safe pace. They didn't hold me back and I'm so grateful to them. The nurses were friendly and attentive. Simone the social worker is Amazing and I can't forget your concierge. Every hospital should have one. She stayed on top of everything my whole stay. The iPad Program was fabulous. Thank You."T.Z.
    "PT was amazing. Stanley took the time to make me a lovely notebook of exercise for me to do when I get home. I met Victoria (concierge) and she worked things out for me. I felt safe when she came. She wasn't here when I got here but after I met her she brought a light to the building. Ude was very helpful with explaining everything and going through my records to help me understand all I've gone through. He was a blessing."Bryna C.
    "I want to marry the cook. Good food, very good. Everyone is very good to me here. Very nice. Just happy when I can get back home. Very nice. "F. Braga
    "Very kind and generous."W.L.
    "I'm so grateful for the nurse manager. He really worked hard for me and my wife. "R.H.
    "Everything was fine. Great staff all around."Gene F.
    "Very happy. I have the perfect roommate. Thank you."B.F.
    "People are very pleasant. Lovely staff. "Tammi V.
    "Staff was very nice. The meals were good and it was a very nice stay. I did have a Grand experience. I loved all the nurses and Debbie on night shift, she "Carrie Rosen
    "The nurses and the CNAs were great and the concierge and the activities department were good as well. "E.K.
    "I got all the help I needed and then some."Kenny R.
    "PT and OT are great. "Benny D.
    "Excited about learning to use an iPad. I was so amazed that I can see them when we talk. I'm getting therapy which is going well. "G.B.
    "I'm so happy with the respect and love they show not just to me but to my family. We have been through a lot and to have people show you true kindness is a blessing. I want to thank all of the nurses and the CNAs. They do things that just warms my heart and thank you for letting my family share meals with me. That means so much. Everyone here has been. Exactly why your name is GRAND. "T. Guthrie
    "PT program is everything promised and more. They are so wonderful. "Deanna P.
    "Mrs. Carson is very pleased with the care her husband is receiving. She is very impressed with Don. He always takes time to answer all her questions and that's so nice when you get an answer without the runaround. "Wife of C. Carson
    "Mrs. Cramer is very pleased. She's very happy with Don in PT. He always answers all her questions. He never blows her off and that means a lot. "Wife of Carl Cramer (as relayed to Concierge)
    "I am just so happy to be back here, it's so nice to be somewhere and you know that the staff cares about you and your feelings. Those days at the hospital all I kept telling my granddaughter, I can't wait to go back to the Grand. The staff are so good to me."M. Edwards
    "This is a very happy place."A. H.
    "I am very pleased at the fact of every promise that Erica made to me was kept. That means a lot when people keep their word so I want to thank her. "Jim C.
    "I Love those Grandwiches."Callie R.