The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at Barnwell had a very special visit from Albert EinSwine, a new pet therapy pig, on Dec. 20. Albert’s brother, Bacon Bits has been visiting Barnwell since 2016. Albert is 4 months old, weighs 14 pounds, and loves people just as much as Bacon Bits does. Both Bacon Bits and Albert EinSwine are mini potbelly pigs. Terry Hutchison travels with her pigs to 100 homes in 19 counties. They travel more than 6,000 miles a month visiting homes and doing as many community events as possible. The Grand Rehabilitation Center at Barnwell is one of the largest facilities that Bacon Bits and Albert EinSwine visit, as there is 6 units-long term, short term, rehab, and a Dementia Unit which altogether creates 236 beds. Residents, staff, and visitors are always very excited for the visits and meeting Albert EinSwine for the first time, decked out in a Holiday sweater did not disappoint.